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Avmax Aviation, LLC

P.O. Box 181
Three Forks, MT  59752

Bryan Blatt

Bill Bleil


Who is Avmax?

Avmax Aviation, LLC serves as brokers and advisers to owners of private and corporate aircraft. We have 30+ years of experience as pilots and more than a decade of experience brokering jet and turboprop aircraft.

Why work with us?

  • Our Investment is your advantage
    • Subscription market research tools
    • Broker networks- both formal and informal
    • Off-market aircraft, trade-ins, bank deals
  • Strategy
    • Refurb and upgrade analysis
    • Buyer holding period- hours,/year & rotables/overhauls
    • Estimate of residual market value
  • Professional purchase agreements
    • Contingencies
    • Delays, unexpected findings
  • Pre purchase inspection management
    • Selection of facility (broker past experience)
    • Legal interprtetations
    • Scope of work (maintenance eval vs. condition survey)
    • Logbook review
  • Aircraft status at closing
    • "As is", "Where is"
    • Sellers responsibilities (airworthiness, safety of flight, AD and SB)
  • Funding and Closing
    • Documentation
    • Bonded and insured escrow holder
    • Succinct escrow instructions
    • Title search, lien releases
    • FAA filings
  • Taxation
    • Sales and use tax management
    • Depreciation and tax-deferred 1031 exchanges
    • Refurb and overhaul considerations

We look forward to working with you! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want more information about our services or your aircraft needs.